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Product Specification


Product Name: RGB Cooling Fans
Model: C47324
Color: Multi-Colored
Fan Size: 12*12*2.5cm / 4.7*4.7*1.0inch
Speed: 1400 RPM
Voltage: 12V+5V
Rated Power: 4.2W
Estimated Life Span: 30000Hrs
Bearing: Hydraulic bearing
Wind Flow: 37.8CFM±10%
Fan Noise: 25DBA±10%
Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Copolymers)
AURA SYNC Support Motherboard Type: For Asus 5V 3Pin, For MSI 5V 3Pin, For ASRock 5V 3Pin, For Colorful 5V 3Pin (Gigabyte 5V 3Pin is NOT supported)
Ordinary motherboard can also achieve music synchronization, and do not need motherboard support.


1. Super mute fan with built-in solid state silent capacitor.
2. Symphony RGB fan + AURA SYNC + remote control

Package Included:

6 x RGB Cooling Fan
1 x Remote Control