Coolmoon 120mm PC Computer Case Cooling Fan 4PIN 5V ARGB Sync PWM Musical Rhythm for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

1. Support the second generation (5V) addressable ARGB lighting control.Each lamp bead supports motherboard software programming to customize 16 million colors.
2. The controller has built-in more than 300 lighting modes, including multiple color lighting modes and 12 static monochrome modes.
3. Luminous bearing, narrow frame design, larger fan blade area, thereby increasing air volume and enhancing heat dissipation.
4.The fan is equipped with 8 rubber damping pads, which can effectively reduce the resonance between the fan and the chassis and reduce noise.

Product Name: Computer case fan
Model: J26283
Compatible CPU: Intel/AMD
Power: 4.2 watts
Bearing: fluid bearing
Fan life: 50000 hours
Fan speed control: 1300 RPM
Noise: 25dBA
Function: RGB support
Air volume: 38CFM
Number of rows: 1 row
Power interface: 6pin
Radiator material: plastic
Fan size: 120x120x25mm.

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