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Product Specification

1.Follow the instructions in the picture to connect, the wrong interface will cause the controller to burn out. The big 4PIN interface of the power supply and the big 4PIN interface of the controller are connected separately, turn off the power before connecting, and turn it on after connecting. Do not connect equipment other than the controller.

2.The remote control is divided intoRGB ControllerandMusic Controller. RGB Controlle is directly connected to the power Supply interface. No need to connect to the motherboard.but RGB Controller not supportsAura Sync.

3.TheMusic Controllersupports Motherboard synchronization Aura Sync and comes with Music Function .But the motherboard must have a 5V-3PIN interface.

4.Regarding the minimum speed:
Due to different batches of motors. At the lowest speed, some fans may stop rotating. It is out of sync with other fans. This is not a quality problem, it is caused by different production batches of motors. If you want to stop the fan. You just need to press the "OFF" button.

1.You can adjust the color of the light and the speed of color change through the remote control.
2.Reduce the computer temperature. Quiet and beautiful.
3.Switch various lighting modes through remote control.
4.Suitable for DIY Computer.

Application: Computer Case Fan
Modle: J18790
Compatible CPU: Intel / AMD
Power: 4.2 W
Bearing: Fluid Bearing
Fan Life: 40000 hrs
Fan Speed Control: 1300 RPM
Noise: 25dBA
Feature: RGB Support
Air Volume: 38CFM
Lines: 1 Lines
Power Interface: 6pin
Heatsink Material: Plastic
Fan Size: 120x120x25mm
Interface of RGB Controller : Molex
Interface of ARGB Music Controller : SATA

Package include:
Option 1: 1x Fan
Option 2: 2x Fans + Music ARGB controller
Option 3: 4x Fans + Music ARGB controller
Option 4: 2x Fans + RGB controller
Option 5: 4x Fans + RGB controller
Option 6: 1x Music ARGB controller
Option 7: 1x RGB controller