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Product Specification

Package Included:

4 x RGB Cooling Fans
1 x Remote Control
1 x Controller

Material: ABS
Type: Cooling Fan
Speed: 1200
Noise Level: 25 dBA
Rated Voltage: DC 12V(Fan) / 5V(LED)
Bearing: Hydro Bearing
Wind Flow: 37.8CFM ±10%
Lifetime: 30000H
Cooling Fan Size: About 12*12*2.5cm
Style: RGB Cooling Fans Set (include:1*Remote Control ,1*Controller),

- RGB case fan, cool color conversion.
- High airflow, 12cm fan tuned for high-airflow and large volume cooling.
- Super quiet operation, equipped with rubber pads and bearing.
- Greatly reduce operating noise and improves efficiency.
- 6pin interface to provides RGB fan safe and reliable power output.