Wood Heating Stove Door Gasket Round Fiberglass Rope Seal High Density Fibreglass Strips Rope for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

2m 9.5mm High Density Fibreglass Rope Wood Fire Stove & Heater Door Seal 550°C
Type:Fibreglass Rope
Fire-resistant temperature: 550 (°C)
Tear strength: 300
Compressive strength: 100
Tensile strength: 300
Elongation at break: 100
Measurement Details in the attached picture.

Package Included:
1X Fibreglass Rope
It is tough, durable and strong yet flexible enough to make installation as a door seal easy.
Our Fibreglass Rope has a maximum operating temperature of 550°C. It is non-flammable and has excellent chemical resistance.
It is made with electrical grade (E Glass) fibreglass yarns and has high dielectric strength with low electrical constants. It will not rot or support mildew and is very long lasting.
It has been designed to withstand the rigours of demanding industrial sealing and is therefore perfect for domestic and commercial heaters, stoves, ovens, furnaces and fireplaces.
Typical Applications for Fibreglass Rope (High Density):
Dust collector seals.
Boiler door sealing.
Insulation on oven doors.
Sealing the doors on wood stoves.
Insulation for pollution control equipment.
Sealing doors and viewing panels on coal stoves.
High temperature gaskets for pellet and gas stoves.
Heat resistant seals, gaskets and insulation for furnaces and fireplaces.