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Product Specification

Product name: Garden Grow Bag
Material: Breathable Felt Fabric
Application Use: Balcony garden, home gardening, greening project, hotel, nursery production, balcony vegetable garden
Type Color Size
A Green 40x30x20cm/15.7''x11.81''x7.87''
B 50x30x20cm/19''x11.81''x7.87''
C 60x30x20cm/23.62''x11.81''x7.87''
D Red 40x30x20cm/15.7''x11.81''x7.87''
E 50x30x20cm/19''x11.81''x7.87''
F 60x30x20cm/23.62''x11.81''x7.87''
G Grey 40x30x20cm/15.7''x11.81''x7.87''
H 50x30x20cm/19''x11.81''x7.87''
I 60x30x20cm/23.62''x11.81''x7.87''
J Black 40x30x20cm/15.7''x11.81''x7.87''
K 50x30x20cm/19''x11.81''x7.87''
L 60x30x20cm/23.62''x11.81''x7.87''
- Environmentally-friendly and durable planting bag, made of new double-layer breathable fabric
- Provide ideal ventilation, water retention/drainage solution to make plants grow healthier
- Anti-UV, durable. The material is added with anti-ultraviolet component, strong anti-sunlight, anti-corrosion, no degradation, no weathering
- Suitable for all types of flowers, vegetables, potted plants
Package Included:
1 x Garden Grow Bag (Plants not included)