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Product Specification

Color: Green
Material: polyester + satin fabric
Size: 7×5ft. (2.1m×1.5m)
1. MATERIAL COMPOSITION: MOHOO green photography backdrop is made of polyester for the front side and satin fabric for the back side. The polyester side is thick and matte, while fabric side is anti-wrinkle and dust resistant. Finished along all edges to prevent tears.
2. ADVANTAGES: The green photography backdrop is made of environment-friendly materials, no pollution, light weight, small volume, and fold-able and washable which is easy to store, wash and carry. And iron-able with the cloth steamer. It is very suitable for people who need long-term photography or use. It can be used in various occasions like studio, home decoration, weddings, parties, newborns, children, product photography, television, video production etc. Meet your different needs.
3. MEET YOUR DIFFERENT NEEDS: The green photography backdrop is ideal for wedding, party, newborn, children, and product photography, as well as for video backdrops or displays.
4. EXCELLENT QUALITY: The green backdrop is made of opaque material that makes sure of every effective shooting, save your time and makes your work efficiency.
5. SIZES: 7×5ft. (2.1m×1.5m) The green photography backdrop is lightweight and fold-able while anti-wrinkle, easy to storage and carry. Perfect studio Photography props for studio video and photo.
Package Included:
1 x Photography Backdrop
6 x Ring Metal Holding Clips
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