6 24m Fibreglass Surface Tissue Mat Strand 30gsm Alkali free White Fiber Glass for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Name:Fibreglass Mat
Material: Fibreglass
Ingredients: 30g Alkali-free
Size: 1x6m/1x12m/1x20m/1x25m
Color: White

-The glass fiber mat is a sheet-like product made by continuous strands or surface non-directionally bonded together by chemical bonding or mechanical action.
-FRP pultrusion winding,fiber distribution uniformity, resin infiltration strong, good flexibility and mold filling,high tensile strength.
-Ultra-thin, fine, and smooth! Good adhesion to resin!
-Uses: manufacturing of insulating boards, insulating rods, circuit board, copper clad laminates, and model fiberglass reinforced plastic products

Package included:
1 x Fibreglass Mat (Optional Size)