Waveshare micro bit microbit 1 8 inch LCD Display Expansion Board Module Support for Arduino for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Expansion Board & Shield

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Product Specification

Onboard micro:bit interface, can be directly plugged in
LCD built-in driver chip ST7735S, supports 65K color
The onboard external SRAM chip 23LC1024 can be used as video memory, no longer worry about insufficient memory
Use SPI interface to ensure that it does not occupy too much interface pin resources
The backlight brightness can be controlled by PWM
Reserve all control interface pads for easy access to main control boards such as Arduino/Nucleo
Provide complete supporting information manuals (Micro:bit graphical routines/user manuals, etc.)


Driver chip: ST7735S
Resolution: 160×128
Display color: RGB, 65K color
Working voltage: 3.3V
Dimensions: 61mm × 51.5mm

PIN micro:bit interface Description
Vcc 3V3 Power is positive
GND GND Power ground
MISO P14 SPI data master input/slave output
M0SI P15 SPI data master output/slave input
SCK P13 SPI clock input
LCD_CS P16 LCD chip selection
RAM_CS P2 SRAM chip select
DC P12 LCD data/command
RST P8 LCD reset
BL P1 LCD backlight

Package includes:

1 x 1.8inch LCD for micro:bit