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Electronic Dictionaries Translators

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Product Specification

Product Patametets:

Display a 3.1-inch retina display
Core chip micro RK3128 four cores
Data interface Type-C
TransIation engine, GoogIe Baidu and MicrIosoft SR
WF nnetwork way connected to the lntemet
Rechargeable: 3.7V/1500mA
Button number:5 buttons
35 hours of standby time
Tt technology GoogIe TIS
Use 3.5 hours


1.Voice recognition technology makes cross-language communication easier and more convenient.
2.Support 138 languages, 45 voices, 27 voices mutual translation, and will continue to increase languages
trnslator can translate your speech into foreign language text, with high level of intelligence and high translation speed. Make cross-language communication so simple and efficient. 
3.Photo translation
The translation function can be realized by taking pictures. It supports 61 languages translation, 26 languages mutual shooting and mutual translation, and 35 voice broadcasts. Languages will continue to be added in the future. "
4.Offline translation
The Chinese-English translation function can be realized without the network, and 14 offline languages have been added. (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Australia, Britain, Ireland, German, Spain, French, Italy, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian)"
5.The language of interface display
Now the product interface display language has been increased to 14 languages (Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Italian, German, French, Hindi, Arabic, Thai, Russian, Japanese) and other countries, and will continue to increase in the future.
6.Recording function The product can perform recording function, and can perform translation function for recording when connected to wifi. Support recording audio export.
7.Learn to follow reading;
Support the study and follow-up of Chinese and English languages, and improve foreign language proficiency more effectively. "
8.World clock;
It can be debugged freely on the device, the current time in countries around the world (currently supports Chinese and English system language display)"
9.Currency conversion;
Support the currency conversion of various countries. (Currently supports Chinese and English system language display)"
10.System version Android 7.0

Packing list:

1xMain unit
1x Charging cable
1xManual, packing box