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Product Specification


★ Fast scanning: Translate in 0.3 seconds, 18 characters can be scanned in 1 second; You can scan one line or multiple lines, real-time fast scanning and recognition, you can read multiple blocks as fast as you can scan; you can read and translate with one scan, you can scan one line or multiple lines, and you can recognize phonetic symbols, parts of speech, and explain words by word segmentation. The accuracy is above 98%;
★ Accurate translation: Super accurate and fast multilingual OCR text scanner ideal for students and professionals; Using multiple AI engines such as iFLYTEK and Google, combined with proprietary neural network translation technology and servers deployed in multiple locations, the translation response speed is faster and the translation accuracy rate is higher;
★ Offline resources: The rich offline package data in the fuselage supports 11 kinds languages of local scanning, photo translation, local electronic dictionary, which can be used anytime and anywhere without network restrictions;
★ Back-end database Powerful back-end server database, WIFI networking usage data is more accurate and richer;
★ Massive vocabulary: Professional Chinese-English dictionary, built-in 2.75 million professional vocabulary, to meet the needs of vocabulary learning at all stages;
★ Voice translation: 116 kinds of voices can be translated in real time, multi-national accents can be understood and translated accurately, and you can easily travel to more than 200 countries and regions around the world;
★ Collection function: One-click collection of new words, targeted listening, speaking, reading and memorizing anytime, anywhere;
High-definition screen: High-definition high-resolution retina screen, it won't hurt your eyes for long. Multi-touch visual operation, real-time full display, Chinese and English synchronization, no need to turn pages. Concise UI interface design, more user-friendly interaction and stronger user experience;
★ Multimedia speakers: The external sound effect is more fidelity and clearer;
★ Data upload: Scanned excerpts and photo-translated data support unlimited local network uploads, computer login downloads;
★ Dual-mic design: High-sensitivity dual-microphone array design, plus noise reduction algorithm, to ensure that voice input and recognition do not make mistakes;
★ Large battery: high-capacity high-voltage polymer lithium battery, large capacity, long battery life. Made of pure cobalt formula, more durable.
★ OTA upgrade: support system background upgrade and update, continuous iteration of product functions and interactions, convenient, fast and efficient.


Software FunctionNameDescription
Main FunctionScan and translateOffline in 11 languages and 116 languages online
Voice translation116 languages online
Photo translationOffline/online in 116 languages
E-dictionaryOffline Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English (continued to increase)
Text excerptOffline in 21 languages
Smart recordingDouble microphone high-definition noise reduction decoding recording, recording can last 4 hours
VocabularyContains English vocabulary for elementary school, junior high school, high school, university, IELTS, TOEFL, built-in 275W professional thesaurus, to meet the vocabulary needs of all stages of learning
FavoritesSave scanned sentences, words, and translation data
Set upWIFI, brightness, volume, system language, Bluetooth, standby time, automatic shutdown, version update, about this machine, reset, data clear, pen holding direction

Online Voice/Scan/Photo Translation (116 types)
1 Mandarin 40 English Kenya 79 Arabic (Egypt)
2 Cantonese 41 English New Zealand 80 Afrikaans
3 English United States 42 English Nigeria 81 Catalan
4 English UK 43 English Philippines 82 Croatian
5 English Australia 44 English Singapore 83 Urdu (India)
6 English India 45 English South Africa 84 Bengali (India)
7 Japanese 46 English Tanzania 85 Gujarati
8 Korean 47 Spanish Argentina 86 Kannada
9 Thai 48 Spanish Bolivia 87 Marathi
10 German 49 Spanish Chile 88 Telugu
11 French 50 Spanish Colombia 89 Vietnamese
12 Russian 51 Spanish Coasta Rica
90 Ukrainian
13 Portuguese 52 Spanish Ecuador 91 Swahili (Kenya)
14 Portuguese Brazil 53 Spanish El Salvador 92 Swahili
15 Italian 54 Spanish American 93 Sundanese
16 Spanish 55 Spanish Guatemala 94 Slovenian
17 Danish 56 Spanish Honduras 95 Nepali
18 Dutch 57 Spanish Mexico 96 Lithuanian
19 Greek 58 Spanish Nicaragua 97 Cambodian
20 Swedish 59 Spanish Panama 98 Lao
21 Hindi 60 Spanish Paraguay 99 Latvian
22 Arabic 61 Spanish Peru 100 Javanese
23 Czech 62 Spanish Puerto Rico 101 Croatian
24 Finnish 63 Spanish Dominican Republic 102 Icelandic
25 Hungarian 64 Spanish Uruguay 103 Georgian
26 Polish 65 Spanish Venezuela 104 Azerbaijani
27 Norwegian 66 Arabic Israel 105 Malay
28 Slovak 67 Arabic Jordan 106 Bengali
29 Turkish 68 Arabic United Arab Emirates 107 Amharic
30 Catalan 69 Arabic (Bahrain) 108 Amharic
31 Hebrew 70 Arabic (Algeria) 109 Armenian
32 Romanian 71 Arabic (Iraq) 110 Tamil (Singapore)
33 Burmese 72 Arabic (Kuwait) 111 Tamil (Sri Lanka)
34 Sinhala 73 Arabic (Morocco) 112 Tamil (Malaysia)
35 Tamil 74 Arabic (Tunisia) 113 Persian (Iran)
36 English Australia 75 Arabic (Oman) 114 Serbian
37 English India 76 Arabic (State of Palestine) 115 Bulgarian
38 English Ghana 77 Arabic (Qatar) 116 Urdu (Pakistan)
39 English Canada 78 Arabic (Lebanon)

System Language (12 Kinds)
1 Simplified Chinese
2 traditional Chinese
3 English language
4 Japanese
5 Korean
6 French
7 Spanish
8 Vietnamese
9 Russian
10 German
11 Italian
12 Thai

Offline Scanning Translation (11 Types)
1 Simplified Chinese
2 traditional Chinese
3 English language
4 Japanese
5 Korean
6 French
7 Spanish
7 Portuguese
9 Russian
10 German
11 Italian
Offline Photo Translation (116 types)
1Mandarin40English Kenya79Arabic (Egypt)
2Cantonese41English New Zealand80Afrikaans
3English United States42English Nigeria81Catalan
4English UK43English Philippines82Croatian
5English Australia44English Singapore83Urdu (India)
6English India45English South Africa84Bengali (India)
7Japanese46English Tanzania85Gujarati
8Korean47Spanish Argentina86Kannada
9Thai48Spanish Bolivia87Marathi
10German49Spanish Chile88Telugu
11French50Spanish Colombia89Vietnamese
12Russian51Spanish Coasta Rica
13Portuguese52Spanish Ecuador91Swahili (Kenya)
14Portuguese Brazil53Spanish El Salvador92Swahili
15Italian54Spanish American93Sundanese
16Spanish55Spanish Guatemala94Slovenian
17Danish56Spanish Honduras95Nepali
18Dutch57Spanish Mexico96Lithuanian
19Greek58Spanish Nicaragua97Cambodian
20Swedish59Spanish Panama98Lao
21Hindi60Spanish Paraguay99Latvian
22Arabic61Spanish Peru100Javanese
23Czech62Spanish Puerto Rico101Croatian
24Finnish63Spanish Dominican Republic102Icelandic
25Hungarian64Spanish Uruguay103Georgian
26Polish65Spanish Venezuela104Azerbaijani
27Norwegian66Arabic Israel105Malay
28Slovak67Arabic Jordan106Bengali
29Turkish68Arabic United Arab Emirates107Amharic
30Catalan69Arabic (Bahrain)108Amharic
31Hebrew70Arabic (Algeria)109Armenian
32Romanian71Arabic (Iraq)110Tamil (Singapore)
33Burmese72Arabic (Kuwait)111Tamil (Sri Lanka)
34Sinhala73Arabic (Morocco)112Tamil (Malaysia)
35Tamil74Arabic (Tunisia)113Persian (Iran)
36English Australia75Arabic (Oman)114Serbian
37English India76Arabic (State of Palestine)115Bulgarian
38English Ghana77Arabic (Qatar)116Urdu (Pakistan)
39English Canada78Arabic (Lebanon)

Package Includes:

★ 1 x Scanning Dictionary Pen
★ 1 x Data Line
★ 1 x Product Manual


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