KINGSO 500PCS Colorful Diode Kit 120 Â Luminous Led Light White Yellow Red Blue Green DIY Kit With Box for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


1.The forward voltage of each compartment LEDs has been labeled on the storage case, easy to find your interested color
2.Low heat, energy saving, low power consumption, long service life.
3.Best replacement for traditional light sources.
4.Perfect for light decorations, torches, toys & gifts, car decorations, light box advertising, signal indicator and electronic and electrical experiment, including Arduin0 projects, etc.


Size: 3mmHead 
type: RoundEmitting 
Light Color: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, 
Material: Plastic
Beam Angle: 120 DegreeForward 
Voltage: Yellow / Red / Orange 1.8-2.2V; White / Green / Blue / Purple 2.8-3.6VMax. 
Current: 20mA 
Luminous Intensity: Red: 600-800mcd; Yellow: 800-1000mcd; Blue: 2000-3000mcd; Green: 4000-5000mcd; White: 12000-14000mcd;
Wavelength: Red 620-625nm; Blue 460-465nm; Green 512-518nm; Yellow 586-590nm; 
Package Included500pcs(Âmore or less1%) LED Diodes with a neat storage case100pcs white, 100pcs yellow, 100pcs red, 100pcs green, 100pcs blue.


â‘ Please mind the forward voltage for each compartment leds in order not to burn them out.
â‘¡Do not remove, exchange parts of the LED Light Emitting Diodes.
â‘¢If you have any question for the order, please feel free to contact us

Package included:

1 x 500PCS Colorful Diode Kit