JH D202X R2/R4 5KΩ 10KΩ Joystick Potentiometer 2 axis 2D Monitor Keyboard Ball Joyrode Controller for Photographic Film Tool for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Rocker potentiometer JH-D202X-R2/R4 two-dimensional, left and right up and down self-reset, sealing, holder controller, film and television photography, spot supply. There's 5K and 10K in the spot, so R2 is 5K, and R4 is 10K.
Mainly used in: mobile camera and CCTV control system, test and measurement equipment, medical imaging system, automatic machine control, video editing an d production equipment, industrial and scientific instruments...


When welding speed should be fast, otherwise it will be easy to burn out, you c an first stick the tin on the line, directly point the edge of the potentiometer, potentiometer plastic plate is although it is high temperature resistant, but the con tact is small, welding is easy to burn out caused by poor contact.
DC-1 2V, also can be converted through the power supply Voltage number. The foot among potentiometer is signal foot, left and right are positive and negative foot.


Electrical properties



Resistance value


Potentiometer Angle specification


Resistance tolerance

Âmore or less10%

Independent linear tolerance

Âmore or less1%

Temperature resistance coefficient

Âmore or less400ppm/℃

Output is smooth

Limit of 0.5%

X axis, Y axis electrical Angle

Âmore or less25Âdegres

Y axis electrical Angle

Âmore or less45Âdegres

Insulation resistance

50MΩ@500VDC, 60sec.

Mechanical properties



Operating torque

X and Y 260gf, Z350gf(1kg=9.8N, lN=101.972gf, Âmore or less20gf)

Error rate of resetting

Âmore or less1%

Expected rotary service life

500,000 times

Working temperature


Package included:

1 x Potentiometer