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Product Specification


Input: AC 110-120V 50/60Hz   (Converter Itself)

Output: AC220-240V,100 Watts    (Converter Itself)

For electronic equipments up to 35 WATT 

For those countries which use tow prong plug,you need to use an 2 pins to 3 pins adapter. 

Suitable for countries: Jamaica 110V/220V, Japan 110V, Belgium 110V/220V, Bermuda 110V, Mexico 110V,  

Brazil 110V/220V, Cambodia 110V/220V, Canada 110V, Panama 110V, Cuba 110V, Philippines 110V/220V, Egypt 110V/220V,  

Spain 110V/220V, Turkey 110V/220V, United State of America 110V, Venezuela 110V, Italy 110V/220V, Vietnam 110V/220V 

Convenient for Travel

Package included:

1 x AC 110V to 220V AC Power Voltage Converter