20/50/100PCS 3V SMD Lamp Beads with Optical Lens Fliter for 32 65 LED TV Repair with 2M Wire LED Light Strip Parts Accessories for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


3V SMD Lamp Beads With Optical Lens Fliter For 32-65 Inch LED TV Repair.
When using LED bulbs, the distance between the led strips does not become a probelms. You can place any position or length as needed.
LED backlight has high brightness and can hold 700 canvases.
Longevity, more energy efficient, wide range, easy to install.


Quantity: 20PCS / 50PCS / 100PCS (optional)
2M Wire: Include / Without (optional)
Model Number: 3V LED lamp beads
Material: FR4
Color: White
Light Color: White
Single Lamp Voltage: 3V
Used for 32-65 inch LED TV Repair

Package included:

20PCS / 50PCS / 100PCS Lamp Beads
1 x 2M Wire