PMB05 Digital Power Energy Meter AC230V 50Hz/AC120V 60Hz Electricity Analyzer Monitor Energy Meter W for Sale with BTC on


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Electricity Energy Meter

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Product Specification

The product can be used to measure electric quantity, current, voltage and power, power factor, frequency, overload alarm, instantaneous maximum or minimum power, calculating time and electricity charge.

â–ºAdopts PC flame retardant material, safe, stable and durable to use
â–ºLCD large screen design, easy to read the data and know the working situation


Material: ABS
•Power supply: Built-in rechargeable battery(Included)
•Frequency display: 50Hz (EU plug, UK plug), 60Hz (US plug)
•Operating voltage: 230V AC (EU plug, UK plug), 120V AC (US plug)
•Operating current: max 13A (UK Plug), max. 16A (EU plug), max. max. 15A (US plug)
•Current display (amps): 0 - 13A (UK Plug),  0 - 15A (US plug) 
•Wattage display (watts): 0 - 2900W (UK Plug), 0 - 3680W (EU plug), 0 - 1800W (US plug)
•Wide voltage range: 230V - 250V (EU plug, UK plug), 110 - 130V (US plug)
•Price display range: 0.00COST/KWh - 99.99COST/KWh Total KWh and cost display: 0.000KWh - 9999KWh, 0.00COST - 9999COST

Package includes:

1 x Power Energy Meter
1 x User Manual

Detail pictures: