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Electrical Welding Tools

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Product Specification


Breathable design- The product has a breathable nostril design, which can freely breathe fresh air while protecting the nose from welding damage
Auto Darkening Filter Lens- The welding goggles with adjustable shade are designed to protect the eyes from sparks, and harmful radiation under normal welding conditions.
Lengthen Shawl Cap Design-Lengthen shawl cap design, can protect your clothes and skin from splash and heat effectively. Ergonomic hood style for overhead protection,designed for overhead protection.
Magic Tape- Built-in magic tape at the back, can adjust proper width to suitable for your head, not easy to fall off. Provides easier access and is more comfortable when welding in close quarters and tight spots.
Auto Adjust Brightness- Built-in solar energy conversion device, convert solar energy into luminous energy, have auto adjust brightness function.
Protect your Eyes- Built-in lens cover, easy to open and close, double lens, filter UV light and radiation effectively, have no damage to your eyes.


Type: Welding Helmet Mask
Material: Cattlehide, Metal
Glasses Color:Clear Black / Anti-UV Colorful
Mask Color: Yellow
Function: Anti-splash
Shading: 1/25000s
Suitable for: welding, pipes, boilers etc.
Viewing Area Size: approx. 9x4cm (3.5x1.5inch) (L x W)
Helmet Height: Approx. 30cm (12.2inch)
Head Circumference: approx. 60cm (23.6inch)

Package included:

1 x Welding Helmet Mask with Glasses