TOPSHAK TS-WP4 Domestic Water Pump 1200W 5000L/h Max 50m High Lifting 8m Suction Depth Household Booster Pump Connector with Manometer for Sale with BTC on


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Electrical Pump & Valve

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Product Specification

  Main Features:

  â— 1200W Motor Power & 5 Bar Pressure

     Maximum pumping capacity up to 5,000 L/h, easily distribute water to different consumption points in the home.


  ● 50m High Lifting & 8m Suction Depth

     Deliver water to higher floors from a deep pool at a steady pressure.


  ● Auto Start Stop

     Switches on/off automatically depending on the water demand, thus it works extremely cost-effectively.


  ● Large Filling Opening

     Convenient filling of the pump to drain its vacuum.


  ● Safety switch with waterproof cover


  ●Sturdy base with fixing holes for easy attachment


  ●Corrosion resistant stainless steel pump body


  ●The manometer clearly shows the current pressure





Name: 1200W Domestic Booster Pump

Model: TS-WP4

Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz

Power: 1200W

Max.Head: 50m ±10%

Max.Flow: 5000L/h ±10%

   Max.Suction Depth: 8m

   Start pressure: 1.4 bar

   Stop pressure: 2.8 bar




1x TOPSHAK TS-WP4 1200W Domestic Booster Pump

1x Packaging Color Box

1x Manual