TOPSHAK TS WP3 Domestic Water Pump 800W Pressure Pump 3600 L/h Water Pressure Booster Pump Unit Household Booster Pump Connector with Manometer for Sale with BTC on


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Electrical Pump & Valve

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Product Specification


Main Features:
  â— With a well-placed pressure gauge.

  â— Easy collection and easy draining of water. Sturdy pump base with fixing holes.

  â— Topshak booster pump A powerful, self-priming jet pump with 800 watts and a 3,600 litres per hour.capacity.

  â—  High-quality pump housing made of rust-proof stainless steel and a sturdy metal thread on both the suction and the pressure side for a long service life.

  â— Constant pressure for an always-available water supply. A maintenance-free and smooth electric motor with practical on/off switch.





Name: TOPSHAK TS-WP3 Domestic Water Pump

Model: TS-WP3

Voltage: 220-240V, 50HZ


Maximum Flow Rate3600L/h 

Start Pressure1.4Bar

    Stop Pressue : 2.8Bar

    Max Sunction Depth : 7M

    Max Head : 40M ±10%

    Product Gross Weight : 13.4Kg


  Package Contents

1x TOPSHAK TS-WP3 Domestic Water Pumps

1x 1.5m European Plug Power Cable

1x Manual

1x Warranty Card

1x 5-layer Corrugated Box