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Electrical Pump & Valve

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Product Specification

  Main Features:
 â— Connect the bubble stone to the vent hole and put it into the water body that needs oxygenation. The solar cell is facing the sunlight, and there is no obstruction between the solar cell and the sunlight. Press the POWER switch and the oxygen pump starts working.

 â— This product is an electronic product. The oxygen-increasing part of the device cannot be placed in the water, and the diversions hole cannot be blocked.

 â— This product is a solar energy product. The charging speed is related to the intensity of sunlight. Regular cleaning of the dirt on the solar cell can improve

 â— Mini portable air pump is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry and use. Anti seismic and waterproof

 â— The solar air pump is made of high quality materials, which is environmentally friendly, anti-seismic and waterproof


Product Name: Solar Air Pump


Working Current: 0.3A

Working Voltage :6V

Open Circuit Voltage: 7.2V

Short-circuit Current: 0.4A

Built In Air Pump Aerator: 2000mA

Gas Volume: 1.6l/min

Aerator Size: 90x 65 x 35mm

Length Of Gas Pipeline: 100 mm

USB Power Cord Length: 50mm


  Package Contents

1 x Solar panel

2 x Double sided sucker

1 x Oxygen pump

1x Hose

2 x Bubble stone

1 x Mountaineering buckle

1 x USB cable