LIUMY Solar Fountain Pump 2 2W Floating Solar Round Water Pump Floating Panel With 7 Nozzles for Pond Fountain BirdBath Garden Decoration Water Cycling for Sale with BTC on


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Electrical Pump & Valve

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Product Specification

☀Good Performance☀ The newly upgraded LIUMY solar round water pump increases the power to 2.2W. The solar panel that covers more area allows it to absorb solar energy more effectively. There is no power storage function, and it can only work under the shining of the sun. When there is no sunshine, the pump stops working, the sunshine reappears and the pump restarts within 3 seconds. A certain amount of water is required, and insufficient water will also affect its spray height.
☀New Improvement☀ LIUMY solar water pump is different from the ones on the market. It has been further improved. A piece of filter cotton is added to the water inlet to prevent garbage from blocking the water inlet and damaging the water pump. In order to prevent the water pump from floating to the edge of the pool and spraying water to the outside, resulting in less water in the pool, four transparent pipes are added around Water fountain to ensure that it can run in the middle of pool.
☀Seven Spray Methods☀ LIUMY solar fountain pump is with seven different nozzles, you can change the nozzles according to your preference and application scenarios. The water volume and water height of the seven nozzles are different, the water height can reach up to 60CM, and the maximum flow rate can reach 120L/H. Tips: when you are using the bird bath, you do not need to install a nozzle to prevent water loss.
☀Safe & Easy to Use☀ LIUIMY floating solar powered fountain pump is very light and easy to install. Just place the pump on the water and in the sun, and it will work automatically. When there is no water, please do not face the solar panel side of the solar fountain directly to the sun, as this will easily burn the pump. No battery, More energy-saving and more environmentally friendly.
☀Best Gift for Garden Decoration☀ LIUMY solar round water pump can be used to decorate your garden, bird bath, pond, swimming pool, water circulation, etc., to make your garden more beautiful and full of vitality. Passersby couldn't help but praise when they saw it. At the same time, it is also a good playmate for many pets. The stronger the sun, the better its performance. 

Package included:
1 * Solar water fountain
7 * Nozzles 
1 * Extension bar 
1 * manual in English