7'' Built-in Vacuum Mobile Phone LCD Glass Screen Separator Repair Machine for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Features :
- Auto heating metal plate, maximum temperature is 200 centigrade.
- Safety power system inside, avoiding the electric leakage problem.
- Smooth metal plate to hold the touch-screen without any damaged.
- With LED display, you can get the clearly Temperature information on it.
- Application Range: Separation the different cover plate, LCD and so on.
- Anti static body material, prevent the LCD and the flex cable being damaged from the static.
- Please do not set the temperature to more than 120 degrees, because it may damage the screen.
- Temperature should be set to 80 centigrade to 100 centigrade, when you do the job on LCD Phone.

Specifications :
Plug(Option): EU Plug / US Plug
Power: 450W
Temperature Control Range: 50~200℃
Input: 230-250VAC 50/60Hz
Package Weight: About 1110g / 2.4lb
Product Size(L * W * H): About 22cm * 14cm * 9cm / 8.7" * 5.5" * 3.5"
Package Size(L * W * H): About 25cm * 21cm * 13cm / 9.8" * 8.3" * 5"
Compatible With: For 7" or below LCD or LED screen assembly

Package Includes :
- 1 x Screen Separator
- 1 x Silicone Pad
- 1 x Package Box
- 1 x Plug Charger
(1 x Plug Adapter,according to your country of delivery)

Operation Steps :
- Step 1: Put your LCD with touch-screen on the metal plate, LCD side above.
- Step 2: Turn on the machine and wait for the metal plate become 80-100 degree.
- Step 3: Press the button and put the non-slip mats on the plate then put the LCD on it.
- Step 4: Start to separate the LCD off the glass with a core, then right and left movement with the core in between the LCD and the glass, please notice you must using gentle power and keep the core stay on the LCD surface, so that it will the touch-screen be damaged.

Warning :
1.When you use the screen separator, please put it on the working table, make sure the table is even flat and the material of the table is heat-resistant
2.The heating plate is very hot when the screen separator is working, please pay attention to it
3. Please pay attention to the item you'd like to separate: the item will be damaged if the temperature is too high
4.Stop using the screen separator besides the flammable things
5. You can move or touch the screen separator when you have powered screen separator off and it is cool down
6. Please power the screen separator off when you needn't use
7.Please do not set the temperature to more than 120 degrees, because it may damage the screen

Note :
1.If you have any problems or concerns, please contact us, we are always there
2.Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.Thanks for your understanding
3.Monitors are not calibrated same, product colour displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real as standard