600W Portable Two Nozzle Color Air Blower Electric Balloon Inflator Pump for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Electrical Pump & Valve

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Product Specification

Wedding Supplies Balloon Electric Inflator Household Portable Fast Balloon Air Pump

Material: Plastic
Color: Pink
Size: 21*15.5*15cm (8.2"x6.1"x5.9")
Voltage: 110V (US plug), 220-240V (UK/EU/AU plug)
Power: 600W
Pressure: 13000pa
Noise: <95dB

- Double hole operation can simultaneously charge 2 balloons.
- When the balloon is very much, two people can work at the same time, so as to improve work efficiency.
- The hidden line box is convenient and tidy after use.

Package included:
1 X balloon inflator

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