NPS605W 110V/220V/230V 0 60V 0 5A Adjustable Digital DC Power Supply 300W Regulated Laboratory Switching Power Supply for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


- Small size, light weight and high power density.

- Constant voltage, constant current automatic switching.

- Voltage, Current, Power 3 window display.

- Temperature controlled fan heat dissipation, low noise and long life.


The Minleaf Wanptek NPS-W series is a three-window display mini DC power supply that simultaneously displays voltage, current, and power.

This product improves the shortcomings of traditional linear power supplies that are bulky, heavy, and inefficient.

The output voltage and current of the product can be controlled and adjusted by coarse adjustment and fine adjustment potentiometer respectively, so it provides more convenience and precision in voltage and current adjustment.

Application field:

1. Production line testing.

2. Mobile phone, computer, electrical maintenance.

3. Product aging, plating.

4. Charge the battery.

5. Laboratory, research and teaching.

6. Everything else needs a DC regulated power supply.

Package Included:

1 x NPS605W DC Power Supply

1 x Output Test Line

1 x Manual

Note: Before use, you need to adjust the switch on the back of the power supply to the correct voltage and then use it.


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