220V Solar Power System 30W Solar Panel Battery Charger 1000W Inverter USB Kit Complete 10 40 50 60A Controller 220V Home Grid Camping

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Product Specification

1000W inverter 30W solar panel 10/40/50/60A controller solar system 220V charging home grid USB

Maximum power: 1000 (W)
Working current: 10 (A)
Working voltage: 220 (V)
System voltage: 220 (V)
Open circuit voltage: 220 (V)
Short circuit current (Isc): 13A
Output: USB
Number of batteries: 36 (pcs, only)
Solar panel size: 430x200x30 (mm)
Reference weight: 1200g
Product Certification: CE

High efficiency, conversion rate 23-24%,
Solar panels can be used for surface mounting
Easy to install and install
Maximum power supply voltage: 6V
Junction box: IP67 RETED
Working temperature: -40degres+85degres.

Package includes:
1x1000W inverter
1x30W solar panel
1x10/40/50/60A controller (optional)
1xCar charger
1xBattery clip

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