10W/21W/28W Solar Panel Solar Folding Charging Bag Portable Mobile Phone Charger ETFE All in One Laminate Folding Bag for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Power: 10W, 21W, 28W

Output: 5V 3A

10W Folding size: 16x25cm/6.3x9.84in

Unfold size: 25x32.5cm/9.84x12.8in

Interface: 2 USB

21W Folding size: 28x19.3cm/11.02x7.59in

Unfold size: 28x58cm/11.02x22.83in

Interface: 2 USB

28W Folding size: 28x19.25cm/11.02x7.57in

Unfold size: 28x77cm/11.02x30.31in

Interface: 1 USB + 1 Type-C + 1 DC


-Solar energy and efficient solar charger circuit. Environmental protection and energy inexhaustible.

-Monocrystalline solar cells and Epoxy resin surface seal.

-Slim & Light design.

-Portable and frame design fit for outdoor and indoor usage.

-Standard USB output fit for mobile phone and other portable digital devices.

-High-Efficiency Cell, up to 20.5%.

-Constructed by high quality material, eco-friendly, waterproof, durable and sensitive.

-Can be used for charging cellphones, mobile power bank, etc.

-Portable, foldable and lightweight, easy for carrying.

-Offers continuous power supply even on overcast day.

-Suitable for outdoor activities, emergency, and outdoor working.


This product cannot contact with strong corrosive objects.

To prevent hard objects surface scratching during operation.

The product cannot bear the bending force during transportation and assembly.

Package Included:

1 x Solar Folding Panel Bag

Detail Pictures: