US Direct Megawheels S1 5Ah 250W Motor Portable Folding Electric Scooter 23km/h Max Speed Micro Electronic Braking System for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

GeneralBrand: Megawheels
Type: Folding Electric Scooter
Model: S1
Color: Black, White, Red, Green
SpecificationMax Speed: 23km/h
Mileage: 10-15km
Max Load Capacity: 68kg
Gradeability: 20 Degree
Turning Angle: Full angle
Frequent: 50Hz/60Hz
Motor Power: 250W
Battery: 5.0Ah, 18650 14series
Shaking Absorb: Yes
Material: Aluminium 
Body size (Unfolding): 900x420x(760-970)mm
Body size (Folding): 810x420x290mm
Weight & SizeProduct Weight: 7.8kg
Package Weight: 10.5kg
Product Dimensions: 900 X 420 X (760-790)mm                                                       
Package Dimensions: 885 X 225 X 355mm


1. Micro-electronic braking system & mechanical auxiliary braking system.
2. Wear-resistant solid tires and drive wheel suspension shock absorber system.
3. Supports one second folding, can be dragged after folding.
4. 5.0Ah battery with 18650 power lithium core, providing 6 smart protections.

Package includes:
1 x  Folding Electric Scooter
1 x  Adapter ( US Plus )
1 x User Manual