Kiwarm 12V Portable Electric Saw Pruning Jig Saw Rechargeable Woodworking Power Tools Wood Cutter W/1pc/2pcs Battery EU Plug for Sale with BTC on


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Electric Saw

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Product Specification


Main Features:


● Battery level display

● 45°bevel adjustment, left and right adjustable

● Prevent accidental touching of the switch button

● Anti-drop design for saw blade installation, saving time and effort

● Non-slip handle makes it easy to operate

● Air vent for cooling to prevent the motor from burning down

● Transparent protective cover to prevent wood chips from splashing

● Thick metal bottom plate, firm, reliable and precise cutting

It is suitable for cutting with different materials and different gears, and the cutting gear can be adjusted to increase the thrust




Name: Cordless Electric Jig Saw

Plug(Option): EU Plug

Style(Option): 2 Battery 1 Charger / 1 Battery 1 Charger

Color: Green

Saw Type: Jig Saw

Product Voltage: DC 12V

Cutting Depth: 65mm

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Application: Wood, Plastic, Aluminium


Package Contents


1x Cordless Jig Saw

1x Saw Blades

1x Vacuuming Mouth

1/2x Battery(Optional)

1x EU Plug