2680W Variable Speed Electric Wall Planer Putty Dustfree Concrete Wall Renovation Shovel Gray Machine Automatic Shovel Wall Tool for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Electric Polisher

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Product Specification

--Name: Electric wall planer
--Material: steel
--No load speed: 2680 (RPM)
--Planing depth: 5 (mm)
--Power supply voltage: 220V
--Rated power: 2680 (W)
--Cutting width: 1-4mm

--The new upgrade adjusts the depth more accurately.
Aluminum protective cover is not easy to be damaged (durable)
--Shovel wall without dead corner.One time forming of 90 ° dead angle can effectively improve work efficiency
--Large surface removal with stepless height adjustment from 1-4 mm.
--The area of application can be extended to any other surface and texture that has to be plane milled.
--The versatile, handy power tool can be used indoors as well as outdoors on walls, ceilings and floors, facades.
--A reinforced aluminum housing reduces the weight and reliably protects your drive. The drive itself is protected from overload and overheating with a new self-cooling system
--High power all copper motor
Surging power, faster wall planing, higher efficiency and longer service life

Package Included:
--1 * Electric wall planer
--1 * Carbon brush
--1 * Wrench
--1 * Mask
--1 * Goggles
--1 * Plastic box