EU/UK Direct CSC SW900 36V 350W eBike Conversion Kit Electric Bicycle Engine MTB Brushless Hub Motor Bike Wheel Kit 26/27 5/29inch/700C for Sale with BTC on


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Electric Bicycle Motor

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Product Specification


ItemElectric Bicycle Conversion Kit
Motor Wattage 350W
Size26/27.5/29 inch/700C
The front wheel drive gear width
Rear wheel drive gear width135mm


1. Full Speed: 36V 350W about 20-35km/h, 

 (different wheel size, road&weather condition and rider's weight will have different speed)

2. Hub Motor: Brushless gear Hub Motor for 36V 

3. Rim: Double-wall Aluminium Alloy Rim

4. Wheel Bottom bracket: Rear 135mm-142mm

5. Torque: 25-35NM for 36v 350W

6. RPM: 320 for 36V 350W

7. Electric bicycle modification kits is in 26/27.5/29 inches/700C.

8. The motor is suitable for thread freewheel, not suitable for cassette. 

Package Includes:

1 * Rear motor wheel
1 * DC Controller 
1 * Controller Bag
1 pair * Power cut-off Brake lever
1 * Display LCD3 or sw900
1 * 8 Magnet Pedal Assistant Sensor
1 set * Throttle (The LCD3 display uses Half Twist Throttle .The SW900 display uses Twist Throttle)