[EU DIRECT] VIVI 26TGB 350W 8Ah 36V Electric Bicycle 26inch 45km Mileage Range 120kg Max Load Electric Bike for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Electric Bicycle

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Product Specification







Aluminum alloy


350W Brushless Motor


High Strength Aluminum Fork

Suitable Height


Package Size

136 x 24 x 66cm

Handlebar Length



26 inch X1.95 Mountain Wheels

Battery capacity

36V /8Ah Lithium Battery

Net weight


Battery Range


Product Size


Power Gear

21 speed

Seat Height


Ride Mode

Ordinary Bicycle / Pure Electric / Pedal Assisted

Max Load


Charging time

4-6 hours

Recommended Speed



F/R 160 Mechanical Disc Brake



- Foldable design: With aluminum alloy metal frame, and the folding installation speed is fast, it is convenient to carry and can be easily put in the trunk of the car. Good comfort makes riding more comfortable and stable.

- Double shock absorption design: With Rear, Front, Dual front and rear suspension, thick and durable tires, it can provide a comfortable riding experience on rugged roads and trails.Anti-skid anti-vibration tires, wear-resistant anti-skid tread and high-quality shock absorber to help you unimpeded.

- Advanced energy-saving battery: Use 36V 8Ah energy-saving lithium battery, battery life is longer. It can travel 20 to 50 miles after charging, which is enough to commute to work or play for a day. When riding in pedal assist mode, the driving distance is 44-50 miles, and when using only the thumb accelerator, the driving distance is 22-25 miles.

- Removable lithium battery: Use advanced 8Ah lithium ion battery pack. The battery pack is detachable and convenient to charge. It can be charged at home or in the office and can be fully charged in 4-6 hours. Excellent battery life is not afraid of high load and durability.

- High speed 350W motor: The powerful 36V/350W motor provides the best performance under pneumatic tires, adapting to more bumps, no pressure 25° climb. The speed can reach 20 miles per hour, allowing you to reach your destination faster.

- 3 working modes: Three working modes can be switched freely, pure electric, pedal assist and ordinary bicycle mode. You can use the electric mode to pursue faster speeds, commuting or exercising, or you can choose to turn off the power to enjoy the fun of riding and meet your different travel needs.

- Humanized design: High-brightness LED headlights are used in the front and rear, which are suitable for safe riding at night, with lighting warning, sensitive response and safe travel.Equipped with adjustable seats, handlebars and removable batteries, it can adapt to people of different heights and weights. Bring you a comfortable experience.Detachable waterproof thread design, easy to replace parts.Front and rear mudguards are provided to ensure safety and easy installation. The mudguards can help the rider keep dry in rainy days.

- Installation after-sales service: 85% of the parts are assembled, and only minimal assembly is required (assemble the front wheels, handlebars and pedals)


Package included:

1 x Electric Moped Bicycle 
1 x Charger
1 x User Maual

1 x Toolkit