LED Strip Garland EL Wire 1M Car Interior Lighting Auto Rope Tube Line Flexible Neon Light With Battery Case

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Product Specification


1. Color of luminous line: red/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple/white/lemon green/transparent blue/pink
2. Diameter of luminous wire: 2.3MM
3. Power: DC3V(AA batteries,not included)

Advantages of EL luminous wire:

1. It can be bent, pasted or hung, and can be made into adult and graphics. The length can be cut and installed at any time, which is easy and convenient.
2. Very low power.
3. It does not contain ultraviolet rays, the light is soft, and it is a green environmentally friendly product.

Application areas of EL cold light:

1. The automobile industry.
2. Computer peripherals.
3. Christmas gifts and New Year gifts.
4. Toys, crafts, shoes and hats, etc.
5. Advertising.

Package included:

1 x EL Wire 1M with battery