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Product Specification


SANTA CLAUS DESIGN: The Santa Claus LED light up mask can be used in any occasion, such as Christmas Dress Up Party, Halloween costume play, birthdays, Carnival festivals, etc. Let†s put on the light up LED men women funny mask to enjoy the festival party.

Modes: There are 3 modes for you to choose. Steady Light, Slow flash and Fast flash modes. It won†t produce ultraviolet rays and has no adverse effects on your body. The light is soft and has no flicker, which will not cause tension and fatigue in your eyes.

LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: The Christmas cosplay mask also light up when the battery is in a low quantity of electricity. And you don†t need to worry that it will heat while working, because the working temperature is lower than that of fluorescent lamps.

GOOD SHOCK RESISTANCE: The mask will not easily be ineffective due to external shocks. So you can enjoy your rave party to your heart's content.

LONG WORKING LIFE: The Santa Claus LED light up mask need 2 x AA batteries . But the batteries are not in the package and you need to buy them yourself.

Package Included:

1 x Claus Shape LED Mask