Jar Can Opener Side Cut Bottle Cap Lid Manual Edge Scraping Gadget Kitchen Tool for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Features :

- Precision machining, all parts are finely polished, with various uses, convenient use, high-end quality and excellent design
- High grade metal + Plastic rotary handle, easy to use, non slip, comfortable handle, in line with ergonomic design
- The fine and perfect gear and blade pulley can help you easily take off the tin lid and the willow nail to rotate and fix, which is more solid and safe
- The end is equipped with round hook, convenient storage, more in line with daily life habits, convenient and reliable


Material: High Quality Stainless Steel + Food Grade Plastic Handle
Length: About 17.7cm / 6.9"
Scope Of Application: Cans

Starting Steps :

1. Open the can opener and clamp the can edge
2. Clockwise rotation
3. Open the can easily
4. Clean edge without scraping hands

Package Includes:

1 x Can Opener 

Details Pictures: