Somnambulist 2 5 inch SATA3 0 Solid State Drive SSD 120GB 240GB 480GB 960GB for Notebook Desktop for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification




Interface Type:SATA3

Size:2.5 Inch

Write Data Transfer Rate: 400 (MB/s)

Read Data Transfer Rate: 450 (MB/s)


-Quick start, load and file transfer

-Extremely fast transmission, excellent performance

-A variety of capacities, can accommodate a variety of applications

-Extremely thin, extremely lightweight

-Suitable for desktop and notebook computers

Package Included:

1 x SATA3.0 Solid State Drive

Common Problem:

1: Why is it not displayed in "My Computer" after installing the hard SSD?

A: 1. The desktop computer needs to connect the SATA cable and power cable, please pay attention to check

2. The new hard disk needs to be formatted before it can be used. It is recommended to select the diskgenius partition tool and select the "Quick Partition" option. Except for the partition capacity, all other options can be used by default.

2:Why the displayed capacity is less than the marked capacity?

A: The capacity of flash memory products is usually calculated according to 1MB=1000KB, 1GB=1000MB, and the operating system adopts binary algorithm: 1MB=1024KB, 1GB=1024MB; in addition, some of the listed capacities on solid-state drives will be used for formatting and Not all other functions are used for data storage, so the actual capacity of the product is less than the indicated capacity. It is normal for flash memory products to display approximately 90% of the nominal capacity.

3: Why is the reading and writing speed I tested different from the reading and writing speed given by the merchant?

A: The speed and capacity indicated by the solid-state drive product may vary due to the host device, the capacity of the solid-state drive in the usage environment, and other factors.

4: Why is the system blue screen?

A: It is recommended to use the pure version of the installation version, because there are many unstable factors in the GHOST version, which will lead to the blue screen of the system.

5: How to determine if SSD is working in AHC mode and partition 4K alignment?

A: You can use AS SSD Benchmark to check. After opening the software, the upper left window displays the information of the hard disk, which has two states: BAD and oK. The first line represents the hard disk mode, the second line represents 4K alignment