ORICO USB3 1 Type C NGFF M 2 Hard Drive Enclosure Aluminum Alloy 5Gbps SSD Enclosure Sliding Cover for MGFF M 2 Hard Disk for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

1. Brand: ORICO
2. Model: PRM2F-C3
3. Material: Aluminum alloy
4. Color: Grey
5. Output Interface: USB3.1 Type-C
6. Transfer Rate: 5Gbps
7. Cable: 20cm data cable (Type-C to Micro A )
8. Control Scheme: JMS580 (10Gbps)
9. Dimension: 103.5mm*33mm*10mm (L*W*H)
10. Supported capacity: 2TB
11. Installation: Sliding cover
12. Supported system: Windows/ Mac/ Linux
1. Aluminum alloy armor, NGFF M.2 Transparent SSD Enclosure.
2. Release your idle disk.
3. Aluminum alloy case.
4. Stable transmission.
5. Inconceivable speed.
6. Triple heat dissipation.
7. 2TB large capacity.
8. Compact yet mighty.
9. All size supported.
10. Only compatible with M.2 B key interface.
Package Included:

1 X Package box
1 X Screwdriver
1 X SSD Enclosure (not includes SSD)
1 X Nuts
1 X User manual
1 X C-to-A data cable
1 X Service card
1 X Thermal silicone pad