ORICO Portable M2V02 C4 USB4 0 M 2 NVMe SSD Hard Disk Enclosure 40Gbps Transmission Speed Compatible with Thunder 3/4 for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


xItem Name: SSD Hard Disk Enclosure
xModel: M2V02-C4
xMaterial: Aluminum alloy
xColor: Iron gray
xInterface: USB4.0 Type-C
xMax Continuous Reading Speed Can Reach: 2700MB/s
xMax Continuous Writing Can Reach: 1400MB/s
xSupports: 2280 M.2 M-Key & B+M-Key Name SSD
xCompatible:  Windows8/10、Os、Linux


1.Fully compatible with Thunder 3/Raide 4/USB32/3.1/3.0.
2.USB4.0 high-speed transmission protocol comes standard with 40Gbps data cable.
3.Support UASP protocol, TRM, Smart functions.
4.All aluminum alloy body with multiple heat dissipation, more stable operation.
5.Efficient temperature control, bid farewell to hotness, keep performance strong.
6.Multi-device and multi-system compatible, plug and play without waiting.

Precautions for the use of hard disk enclosures:

After the hard disk is connected to the hard disk box, most of the hard disks need to be re-partitioned (formatted) to be used normally. If they cannot be recognized and used, please contact online customer service. If you have important data in your hard drive, it is recommended that you do a data backup in advance to prevent data loss.

Formatting steps:

1. Please confirm that the hard disk is intact.
2. Please make sure that the product and the hard disk box are connected correctly.
3. Hard disk formatting/partitioning: Right-click My Computer Management Disk Management-target disk right-click-format.
4. Please confirm formatting-file system WINDOWS system applicable: NTFS/ EXFAT/FAT32 OS system applicable: HFS+/APFS/ EXFAT
5. If your hard disk format is NTFS, and the disk cannot be read after inserting the hard disk box, it may be that the NTFS format is not compatible with the hard disk box, and it is recommended that you format it in another disk format

Package Included:

1 x M2V02-C4 USB4.0 M.2 NVMe SSD Hard Disk Enclosure
1x USB4.0 C TO C Data Cable (40Gbps)
1x USB3.1 A TO C Data Cable (10Gbps)