Maikou Class10 64G TF Card Memory Card Smart Card with TF Card Adapter for Mobile Phone Laptop for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


1. Brand: Maikou
2. Memory Card Type: TF card with card reader 
3. Memory Capacity: 64G
4. Read Speed: 10 - 13MB/s
5. Write Speed: 70 - 95MB/s
6. UHS Speed Class: UHS-1
7. Support 4K Video Recording: No


1. Reading speed up to 10 - 13MB/s, writing speed up to 70 - 95MB/s
2. It can storage thousands of photos, music, and files, etc.
3. The TF card adapter will make the memory card suitable to more devices
4. With high-speed transmission that you will be able to edit, store and share your photos faster than before

Package included:

1 x Micro Secure Digital Memory Card
1 x Micro Secure Digital to Secure Digital Card Card Reader