Kimtigo KTA 320 2 5 inch SATA 3 Solid State Drives 128GB 256GB 512GB 1T Hard Disk Up to Above 500MB/s Read Speed for Laptop Desktop for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


*Model:KTA-320 series
*Hard Disk Size:2.5 inches
*Interface: SATA 22PIN, SATA3 with theoretical transmission speed up to 6Gb/s
*Stability: Support TRIM, NCQ, GC, WL command etc. Support S.M.A.R.T
*Operating Temperature: 0-70℃
-128GB:Read speed: 500MB/s, Write speed: 450MB/s
-256G:Read speed: 520MB/s, Write speed: 500MB/s
-512GB:Read speed: 550MB/s, Write speed: 500MB/s
-1TB:Read speed: 550MB/s, Write speed: 520MB/s


Based on ECC NAND Flash technology, it greatly improves the reliability to store data and makes SSD more durable.
Adopting new gen 3D TLC, it is more safe and stable.
SATA 3.0 interface offers up to 6Gbps transmission speed.
With it, your device takes little time to run large software, enables you to work and play smoothly. 
No matter you are using laptop or desktop, SSD is your best choice to boost speed, as it is suitable for both devices.

Package Including:

 1 x SATA3 Solid State Drives