4 in 1 Card Reader USB C Type C to USB 3 0 OTG Hub Adapter Type C SD TF Memory Card Reader for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


â—† Mobile phone / computer universal Type-c multi-function card reader mobile phone / computer Type-c device universal, USB3.0 / TF / SD card fast transmission.
â—† The four can be used at the same time, and the journey is happy to share at any time.
â—† The photos taken by the camera on the camera's journey to the friend can be shared to the circle of friends anytime, anywhere.
No need to install the APP batch map plug and play, you can immediately use the phone to view the pictures on the memory card to support the transfer of the phone and memory card documents.
â—† USB3.0+ dual card simultaneous reading and writing USB3.0 interface and SD/TF dual memory card slot design support dual card mutual data.
◆ Watch the driving recorder on the mobile phone to watch videos anytime, anywhere, driving accidents, driving at night, and worry-free travel without worrying about “touching porcelain”.
â—† The computer card reader portable office supports Type-c computer/mobile phone/tablet and combination machine, which can easily read the contents of the phone memory card and camera memory card.
â—† 10 seconds to transfer 1GB movie USB3.0 interface, 56bp5s theoretical transmission speed, large file picture easy to pass.

Name: Multi-functional card reader
Color: dark grey/silver
Material: aluminum alloy
Interface: Type-C*1, SD*1, TF*1, USB3.0*1
Product size: 71*22*10mm
Compatible systems: Windows, OS, Linx, Android and other operating systems

Package includes:

1 x card reader