HW 145 TB6600 DC 10V 45V 4 5A Stepper Motor Driver Single Axis Controller Module for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Driver Module

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Product Specification


1. The output current is infinitely adjustable to meet your various application requirements.
2. Automatic half current function. And a semi-automatic flow switch, it is easy to use.
3. The use of high-speed optical coupling 6N137 ensure high-speed without losing step.
4. Printed on the back panel are subdivided setup instructions.
5. Used to increase the heat sink, good heat dissipation.
6. Output short-circuit protection, the use of mind.
7. Using common anode input mode, there are two input terminals, wiring more convenient.


1) Operating voltage DC 10V-45V. DC32V switching power supply is recommended.
2) high-speed optical coupling 6N137, ensure high speed without losing step.
3) new high current, high voltage TB6600HG new original chip, there are low-pressure shut-off, overheating parking and over-current protection circuit, short-circuit protection and increased compared to TB6560.
4) Rated maximum output reached: Âmore or less 4.5A.
5) for 4.2A 42,57,86 within the two-phase / four-phase / four-wire / six-wire stepper motor.
6) Automatic half current function.
7) Subdivision: full step, half step, 1/4-step, step 1/8, 1/16-step, up to 16 segments.
8) Volume: Width Length 82 x 50 x high 35 (MM)

Package included:

1 x TB6600 4.5A CNC single-axis stepper motor driver board controller