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Driver Module

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Product Specification


Wide voltage (3V-5V) power supply

The chip is X9C103S

PCS size: 2.7x1.3cm

10K full range potentiometer.

The central tap of the potentiometer slides 100 stages between 0 -10K(Typical impedance of the sliding end of the potentiometer is 40 ohms)

The VL and VH ports of the digital potentiometer correspond to the low end and the sliding rheostat respectively High end, allow input voltage range -5V to +5V.

The digital potentiometer module is equipped with a test program, the program code is C language generationCode, sub - module preparation. The code includes: main function, display sub-function, Key subfunctions and each module of the header file, can use KEIL4 dozenThe open source code is tested and learned

Test part:

If only the test module is used without studying the source code, it will be tested in the program.HEX file downloaded to target board

Package includes:

3 x X9C103S Digital Potentiometer Board