Transparent 30MM Card Button Crystal Small Circular Arcade Game Push Button Switch for Sale with BTC on


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DIY Push Button

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Product Specification

Features :

Transparent body 30 card button, light handle, short key stroke, high sensitivity, excellent workmanship, is the first choice for professional games and arcade players.
It has bright red, pink, white, green, blue, black and yellow. 7 colors are optional and the color is complete.
The spiral button is suitable for the iron cabinet and plastic control panel, and the installation is more stable.
Use fretting: T-100. life is more than 1 million times.
Specification :

Voltage range: Rated: DC 12V 100MA
Impedance: Terminals: more than DC250V50M Omega
Insulation: Terminals: more than AC250V60 seconds
Use environment: -20~+60 C
Switch life: more than 1 million times DC5V10MA
Color: pink, red, blue, yellow, green, white, black
Package Included:

1 x Arcade Game Push Button