WangDaTao HU 008 LED Music Spectrum Production Kit 2416 Rhythm Flashing Light Parts Light Cube DIY Soldering Parts

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Product Specification


Brand: WangDaTao
Product name: LED music spectrum production kit
Item No.: HU-008
Delivery method: delivery in the form of loose parts (self-welding) and finished products
Case: Acrylic case (non-plastic case)
Product size: length 216MMx height 110MMx rear 12MM
Weight: 289G (with shell)
Power supply mode: 5V DC power supply (mobile phone charger, computer, etc.)
Static operating current: less than 15mA (turn off the clock display, and detect the spectrum input)
Working current (with spectrum display): less than 150mA
Function introduction:
Dedicated audio frequency spectrum display driver chip, built-in multiple DSP decoding algorithms
Clock display (no power-down storage function, power-off clock restart)
Five kinds of spectrum display modes: normal type, buoy type, note type, block type, column type
Single channel (24x26), dual channel (left 12x16, right 12x16) dot matrix LED display
Gain adjustment function
Five-level brightness adjustment function
Receiving sensitivity setting
Multiple function selection switch
Select spectrum display order function
Set parameter memory function

Package included:

1 x LED Music Spectrum Production Kit (LED not soldered)