STM8S005 Control DC 12V 1A Electronic IN14 Nixie Tube Digital LED Clock DIY Gift Circuit Board PCBA RGB Lamp Clock Chip IC With Shell

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Product Specification

1. Input: 11V-13V, 1A, DC power (5.5-2.1)
2. Using STM8S005 as the main control, built-in procedures, welding light pipe can be used directly.
3. Support seven clock color display (containing RGB lamp).
4. The use of imported high-precision clock chip, a year less than 1 minutes error
5. Using integrated IC drive program, the display is more stable and reliable
6. Size: 187x48mm
7. Function: 24 hour mode, time display, anti poisoning program (every 10 minutes refresh the monitor), no alarm, remote control is not supported,
No time switch machine
Set Time: click "SET" key into seting time.lick "Up", "Down"to set time, and click "Set" to finish.
Set black light color: Click "Up" into color tuning mode (every day change color). click "Down" into fixed color.
Package includes: 
1 x Circuit board  (without glow tube)