INA226 Voltage Current Power Monitor Sensor Module I2C IIC Interface 20A 20A 0 36V Testing Range 16 Bit Resolution for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


It is a INA226 voltage and current module.
INA226 is a shunt power monitor with SMBUS compatible interface.
The device monitors the shunt voltage drop and the bus supply voltage.
The programmable calibration value,conversion time and averaging function are combined with the internal multiplier to realize the direct reading of the current value and power value.


1).It uses the I2C interface,and 16 can be set via solder joints.
2).It supports 16-bit resolution.
3).Its power consumption is small,and the current consumption is below 1mA.
4).Its detection accuracy is high,and the measurement is more accurate.


1).Product Name:INA226 Voltage and Current Module
2).Measuring Voltage:DC 0-36V
3).Measuring Current:(-20A)-(+20A)
4).Working Voltage:DC 2.7V-5.5V
5).Interface:I2C interface
6).Resolution:16 bits (Current:1.25mA,Voltage:1.25mV)
7).Current Consumption:1mA(Max)
8).Work Temperature:-25℃-85℃
9).Work Humidity:5%-95%RH10).Size:27x20x5mm

Instructions for Use:

1).VCC:power input 2.7-5.5V
2).GND:negative pole of power supply
3).SDA,SCL:I IC bus data and clock signal lines
4).ALERT:Multi-function alarm output
5).A0,A1:IIC address line

Package included:

1 x  INA226 Voltage and Current Module
1 x Terminal
1 x Pin