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Product Specification


This is a large-size analog glow tube clock, which also improves the brightness of the LEDs, so that the time can be read clearly even in daytime, which increases practicability. The most important thing is to support a variety of music spectrum jumps effects. Under the light refraction of the large-size acrylic board, it can produce a better and more accurate audio jumps effect with mixed colors.
In addition, a variety of LED color gradient effects can be switched, and colors can be customized. In addition to displaying the time, it can also display information about temperature, date and day of the week. At the same time, a variety of different alarm ringtones can be selected. There are also three LEDs at the bottom of the base that can produce a variety of different base lighting effects.


Use large size acrylic digital board.
Simulate classical glow clock effect;
High-precision DS3231 clock chip, with CR2032 backup battery to prevent loss of time data after power failure;
Super bright LED color light;
15 kinds of music spectrum jumps effects;
5-level music spectrum gain effect;
14 kinds of LED colors display time effect;
6 kinds of time, temperature, date and week switch display animations are optional;
5 kinds of base bottom LED lighting effects are optional;
Can be turned on to enter the dark mode (after turning on, when the ambient light is detected to be dimmed, all numbers will be displayed as dark yellow light);
38 optional colors can customize the different colors of different digital displays.
Two kinds of reminder animation effects on the hour and half of the hour;
Two conversion effects displayed in seconds;
6 kinds of time division LED effects are optional;
8 kinds of alarm ringtones are available;
Countdown function (the ringtone of the countdown function is the same as the alarm ringtone);
Stopwatch function;
Long press the switch key to switch between time mode and music spectrum mode;
EEPROM automatically saves setting data when power off;
Multi-layer acrylic shell;
USB DC 5V voltage power supply;
3mm audio interface access audio signal;
Overall size: 318mm* 47mm*95mm;
Weight: 850g;

Package includes:

1 x DIY KITS (need to solder)
1 x Finish clock (no need to solder)