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Product Specification


1. The integrated speaker is easy to install, powerful, and peripheral remote control!
2. The main line is about 1 meter long and can be connected even if the host is placed under the table.
3. Speaker size: length 13.5cmxwidth 6.5cmxheight 7.5cm

This speaker has a unique appearance. The outer shell is made of imported transparent acrylic, which is 1.8mm thick and the crystal is translucent. With the mobile phone Bluetooth connection function, the infrared remote control function does not need to connect the audio cable.

The entire Bluetooth speaker kit is equipped with a USB power cord. The circuit board is well welded. You only need to assemble the cable before use. The power supply can be powered by a mobile phone charger or a computer with 5V power supply. The sound quality is better when using a 2A power supply.

Function: 3.7-5V DC power supply to automatically play music, 3W+3W stereo power amplifier, support Bluetooth, support power-off memory, TF memory card/U disk to play music

Upgraded on the basis of the Bluetooth speaker, adding a patch spectrum module and a voice-controlled running water light module to choose from, two versions, the effect is more cool, while listening to music, there are cool lighting effects, which are good-looking and good-sounding.

Bluetooth operation:

Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, you can scan the device directly (no need to switch the decoder board mode), find "DW-CT10-BT" and click to connect. After disconnecting Bluetooth, it will automatically switch to TF card or U disk.

This Bluetooth version is 5.0, which is compatible with all mobile phones and Bluetooth adapters on the market. The transmission distance in the open area is about 15 meters. Supports automatic connection back to paired devices and automatic playback of music.

Package included:

1 x DIY Music Spectrum bluetooth Speaker Kit