Cascadable Dimmable RGB Full Color Voice Activated 32 8 Dot Matrix Spectrum Clock Kit Electronic Production DIY Parts for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Product Name: music spectrum clock Kit

Product type: full color 32x8 dot matrix spectrum clock

Lamp bead type: ws2812 patch full color RGB lamp

Number of lamp beads: About 256

Size: 344 x 100 x 37mm

Led welding: all chip welding

Input voltage: DC5V


1. Support 3 different spectrum effects

2. Support 3 different clock effects

3. Support voice control spectrum function

4. DS1302 clock chip

5. With power-off hold time function

6. Full-color LED display effect

7. A variety of spectrum display colors can be switched

8. Built-in multiple color animations

9. Hardware AGC automatic gain function

Package Included:

1 x Music Spectrum Clock Kit