BL1860 Li-ion Battery Plastic Case PCB Charging Protection Circuit Board Charger Box For MAKTA 18V BL1845 BL1890 Shell for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


This product is component without battery core.

It is used to repair and assemble batteries pack, only for people who are familiar with battery performance and have practical experience in battery assembly.

It can fill 15 pieces of 18650 batteries, but this is only a shell, there is no battery inside.

PCB Specification:

1. Built-in IC detects cell voltage and current. and remember the number of uses!

2. Detection and protection battery:Overheat protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overcharge protection.

3. All the new series of makitas' achieve low voltage shutdown. Cooperate with many power tool factories!

4. Stable quality and anti-vibration. It is the best partner of makitas' torque wrench and impact drill and angle grinder, etc.

5. PCB Color: Blue, or white, or Green, or Red, etc. any color, PCB color and version number are different according to the actual latest inventory.

6. PCB design may change due to changes with the supply chain and processing technology.

7. LED Color: red, or green, or blue.

Circuit diagram:

Package includes: (optional)

Option PCB:

1 x PCB

Option BOX:

1 x Box kit

Option PCB+BOX:

1 x PCB

1 x Box kit

Option BOX-PCB-6Ah-Lable:

1 x PCB

1 x Box kit

2 x 6Ah Lable

Option BOX-PCB-9Ah-Lable:

1 x PCB

1 x Box kit

2 x 9Ah Lable